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When claiming a refund, the customer has to initiate the process after at least 2 revisions have failed to yield the desired outcome, which is applicable for orders with a deadline of at least 1 day. However, for orders with a deadline of less than 24 hours, a minimum of 1 revision is needed to initiate a refund. Alternatively, the customer is provided with an alternative to have his/her account credited so that he/she can order a paper of the same amount for free in future. A dispute can be initiated by forwarding your request to accompanied by a sound justification. takes into account the fact that there are times when what we agreed on might not be delivered or it might not be quite right. Although this never happens at our company, we have not ignored the fact that such a scenario may arise and we have therefore come up with a structure that ensures that in case this does happen, there is a way out of it for you and also for the company.

We have a money-back guarantee system where incase there is a major problem with your order that cannot be rectified we will give back any money that you might have paid us in full. However, this is a situation that has never occurred since we are extremely careful in whatever we do and proper follow-up is made on every order, to ensure that everything is being done in the agreed manner and this is done by our supervisors and also by you through the number of your writer which we provide you with. By the time we take your order, we have taken time to ensure that we have enough manpower to handle your paper no matter its form so the instance of not delivering on time is completely out of the question.

However, due to the knowledge that an unforeseen occurrence might happen, we have ensured that we are ready for it by having a money-back guarantee since we do not want to be of any inconvenience to you at whatever time and at any cost. takes each customer to be a partner and we do not take you for granted but we treat you with the care that you deserve.

Once you decide to work with, you, your order and your money are safe. Our money-back guarantee is fully conditional and it is in accordance to the set terms and conditions.

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