Math Assessment IRIS Module

Directions: Using the provided IRIS math assessment module answer the questions below (these specific scenarios start on page 11 of the module. You do not have to complete the case studies that are listed below, but I left them for you to review for more information)

Level B: Case 1- Shayla

1. Score Shayla’s assignment and discuss at least three possible reasons for Shayla’s error patter.

Level B: Case 2- Elias

2. When Mrs. Gustafson scores the probe, she finds two possible explanations. One is that Elías
is making a conceptual error, and the other is that he doesn’t understand or is not applying the
correct procedure.
a. Assume that his error pattern is procedural. Describe Elías’ possible procedural error
b. Assume that his error pattern is conceptual. Describe Elías’ possible conceptual error pattern

3. Because the instructional adaptations Mrs. Gustafson will make will depend on Elías’ error
pattern, she must be sure of the reasons for his errors. Explain at least one strategy Mrs.
Gustafson could use to determine Elías’ error type.

Level C: Case 1- Wyatt

4. Review Wyatt’s scored assignment sheet.
a. Describe Wyatt’s error pattern.
b. Discuss any exceptions to this error pattern. What might these indicate?

5. Based on Wyatt’s error pattern, which of the two strategies described in the Addressing Error
Patterns STAR Sheet would you recommend that Mr. Goldberg use to remediate this error?
Explain your response.