14 Hyperlinks book name ( Gardner’s Art through the Ages: A Global History, Enhanced Edition, 15th Edition) Chapters 8-14

This assignment will allow you to explore the locations and siting of the objects and monuments we have studied so far this semester. By calling up three-dimensional views through mapping programs (such as GOOGLE MAPS or EARTH on your phone or computer), you will become familiar with the larger setting and geographical, topographical, and spatial details of these places. You can also analyze them and their surrounding landscape through a VR (Virtual Reality) headset (such as a viewfinder, Google Cardboard, or any of the VR options. In addition to getting you to walk around the places we have been studying, think of this SEP as a review of the material.

This time in addition to using Google Maps/Earth you also have a choice of producing a StoryMap or Timeline to visualize this material. You still need to include 14 MONUMENTS and EXPLANATIONS, but in this different format. These are simple and fun tools, so I really encourage you to consider this version.
Otherwise repeat what you submitted for the SEP#1, taking into consideration any critiques you received for that assignment.

Please create a document with at least ONE hyperlink (you can provide more if you find it useful) to TWO monuments each from Chapters 8-14. This will produce a total of 14 HYPERLINKS.
Go into Google Earth or Google Maps, search for these locations, use Street View to “place yourself” in the locations.

When you visit each location, find at least one view that interests you (one is the minimum requirement, but if others appeal to you, by all means, include them too!).

EXPLAIN! why you have selected your view(s) in THREE or FOUR sentences. Your explanation should convey why the view(s) you have selected enhances your understanding of the monument/place/site/object itself. In other words, how does seeing the Street View image of this place further your understanding of it, beyond what we discussed in class?
The best SEPs will also address the extra readings or videos we have touched on this semester whenever possible.

CHAPTER 8 – LATE ANTIQUITY = 2 Separate monuments Hyperlinks

CHAPTER 9 – BYZANTIUM = 2 Separate monuments Hyperlinks

CHAPTER 10 – THE ISLAMIC WORLD = 2 Separate monuments Hyperlinks

CHAPTER 11 – EARLY MEDIEVAL EUROPE= 2 Separate monuments Hyperlinks

CHAPTER 12 – ROMANESQUE EUROPE= 2 Separate monuments Hyperlinks

CHAPTER 13 – GOTHIC EUROPE= 2 Separate monuments Hyperlinks

CHAPTER 14 – LATE MEDIEVAL ITALY= 2 Separate monuments Hyperlinks

I will send in my files section a sample of the HYPERLINKS.

Thank you,