A Failure to Adopt Inclusion Practices Laid the Foundation of The American Pilot Shortage

Any sentence or paragraph that contains material derived or synthesized from the background reading or other sources will be cited. References are in APA format. All references are cited at least once. Please include an abstract and a conclusion.

*Using the references from the attached documents, purpose a draft research proposal that aims to hold American based airlines responsible for America’s historic pilot shortage, by failing to adopt female and minority inclusion practices to keep up with population growth, transport demand, and the inevitability to replace retiring pilots.

• Develop a draft of the research topic within the first two paragraphs of the assignment
• Develop a draft set of research questions related to the selected research problem.
• What is the targeted selected organization that you plan to evaluate and apply your research problem to?
• Articulate and elaborate the characteristics and dynamics of the selected organization and how it aligns with the proposed research problem and research questions.
• Articulate what academic and practitioner based literature supports the proposed research problem and how it relates to the selected organization.
• Develop a set of hypothesis related to desired discoveries / outcomes of the intended research of the problem statement / topic.