A pearl in the storm Tori Murden McClure

A pearl in the Storm
A pearl in the storm is a memoir written by Tori Murden McClure in 1998 about her experiences in the Atlantic Ocean. The book recounts the experiences that Tori went through sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. She is the first woman to sail across the Atlantic Ocean solo on a boat built with plywood, twenty-three foot wide without a motor engine. The book demonstrates the courage, humility, anger, courage, determination, despair, hope tenacity among other attributes of a woman who went above others to demonstrate her quests in adventure.
The book is written based on personal experience of how the journey in the Atlantic Ocean looked like. Tori, narrates her ordeals in the ocean with honesty and emotions. She narrates the experiences she went through, what she expected was not what she found out as she rowed across the ocean. This is captured from the book when she says that, “I know I rowed across the Atlantic to find my heart, but in the beginning, I was not aware that it was missing”. This captivating introduction captures the plot of the book and as the story progresses; indeed, it is true that what she expected turned out to be opposite.
The book is full of inspiration especially to women. Despite the fact that no women had earlier attempted to sail across the ocean, Tori went against this and became the first women to row across the ocean. Rowing across the ocean was left to men due to their masculinity and brevity. Tori, shows courage and inspiration to women fraternity that indeed they have all it takes to achieve what they want in life. It is a motivational book especially to women who have always been left behind and excluded from such activities. The book inspires and motivates people through the narrations of Tori who despite of being a woman was courageous enough to sail across the treacherous ocean.
The book also portrays the theme of courage and determination. Tori, despite being a woman and understanding the dangers inherent in rowing over the ocean with a boat that had no motor, still goes against and sails. No woman in history had attempted to row across the ocean due to the dangers and the risks that had been associated with the task. Despite going through perilous and solitude, conditions she was determined to achieve her mission of sailing over the Atlantic. She wanted to achieve her mission, which she finally did. For instance, while sailing she was hit by one of the worst hurricane that hit the northern hurricane. This hurricane nearly killed her but fortunately, she survived. She also lost communications channels with the shore, lost updates on the locations and the weather in the Gulf Stream but still kept on going. This experience shows a woman who was determined to conquer the world and achieve her objectives.
Humility is also one of the major attributes that comes out clearly in the story by Tori in her book, “A pearl in the storm”. Tori shows humility by putting on a spirited heart despite many challenges that she encounters as she sails across the ocean. On her first sail, she is overwhelmed by the hurricanes in the sea but despite this, she is determined to achieve her mission. She never gives up but rather attempts the second time, which sees her achieve her dream. She manages to row for eighty-one days in the ocean, covering a distance of 4,767 kilometers (Tori 49). This devotion and determination shows a woman who believed in herself and who sought to fulfill her mission.
Tenacity is yet another theme that the book portrays. This attribute is exhibited on how persistence the author-Tori is in trying to achieve her mission. She does not give up with her mission despite encountering a number of challenges on her journey. One of the challenges of pearl that she encounters is the fact that no woman has ever dared to cross the ocean as only men are supposed to. Second is that, the journey is full of dangers such as hurricanes which nearly took her life, breakdown in communications, bad weather and lack of information on location/direction. Her tenacity or rather firmness makes her to try crossing the ocean for the second time, which she manages successfully.
Tori narrate the pain, which she suffered while rowing across the ocean. The adventure was not that rosy, as she had expected. Challenges she was exposed were unbearable and at some point, she nearly lost her own life when hurricanes hit her. The journey was also very long and tiring. Other challenges include bad weather and lack of information on the direction or the location that could have caused heavily. However, despite going through these numerous pains, she eventually manages to overcome them and successfully attains her mission becoming the first women to successful cross the ocean.
The story also shows how knowledge is important and what it takes to attain that knowledge. Tori, is not contended with how women are seen in the society. Men in the society overlook or look down upon women because of their gender. However, Tori, is not of the view and she is contended and optimistic that just like men, women have the potential. She is a woman who believes that women can even do better than women and that rowing across the Atlantic is a venture that was going to make here even wiser. She writes, “I did not expect the Atlantic to make me a better person. But I did expect the Atlantic to make me a wiser person” (Tori 145). Indeed as per her words, she emerges victorious and even learns more about rowing through the challenges and experiences she went through travelling across the ocean. She helps to motivate human beings in the sense that, it is not possible for a person to progress in their life or acquire more skills without having to soil their hands or without testing their limits. She did not look down upon herself despite being a woman, but rather, she believed in herself and went above her limits by risking her own life. By risking her own life, she manages to successful row across the ocean, which made her more knowledgeable on how the ocean looks like.
Tori, through his own experiences as noted in the book, elicit mixed reactions among men and women. For instance, questions on double standards on achievements of women and men come out clearly whether she is a good role model for boys and girls or not. The fact that, Tori is a woman and has managed to achieve her mission despite her gender in the society is strength to women. This strength therefore makes her acts as a role model to fellow women that indeed they can also achieve their goals if they keep on working hard.
In the memoir, Tori also speak of helplessness and compare this with love. Helplessness is experienced often in his experiences. From the onset, she receives resentment from the male chauvinism who underrates women because of their gender. This state leaves women with no hope and support to help then achieve their missions. Hopelessness is also exhibited when Tori goes through tribulations in the oceans. She losses direction and is struck by hurricanes which nearly swept her away.
After failing to make it through on his first trial, Tori did not give up. She still vowed to continue with her quest and achieve her mission. She notes, ‘this time, things will be different”. This shows her determination to succeed in the second trip, which she eventually succeeded.
In conclusion, the story as narrated by Tori is a life experience. It is a story that has a lot of challenges but yet helped Tori to discover herself. The book has many lessons that its readers can learn from. One of the lessons that the book highlights is that, human beings have the potential of discovering more about what they aspire to achieve regardless of their gender. Tori, was a woman and she made it to become the firs woman to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Even with many challenges and dangers involved, her dedication, determination, courage, hope and tenacity saw her achieve her dreams. When I read this book, I felt encouraged and motivated; I was made to believe that, as a human being we all have the potential of reaching and fulfilling our objectives in life. The book “a pearl in the storm by Tori is indeed a motivation and an inspiration literacy work that is narrated in a honesty and emotional pitch to capture and arouse the readers emotions.

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