1. Select a brand which you are familiar with – note it should be a brand not a product.
2. Provide an Introduction which gives us some background to the brand – sector – how long established, products, strategies etc.
3.Identify the key characteristics of users of the brand – what assumptions do you feel marketers have made regarding users.
4. Identify the approach taken to brand positioning that is taken and comment on alternative positioning that could have been taken.
5. What approach does this brand take to advertising – identify any alternatives.
6. Critically evaluate how the brand combines tools to ensure there is integrated marketing communications (IMC) using both digital and traditional tools.
7. How could different circumstances affect the effectiveness of the message.
8. Briefly evaluate the overall effectiveness of marketing communications in meeting brand objectives – if you can provide a metric or two to support it would be helpful.

It would be a good idea to get some experience of the brand if you currently have no experience.

A. 4&5 could be combined 7&8 could also be combined 6 is likely to take most words as you cover a variety of tools.
B. It is an essay – do not number parts – this has only been shown here to make clearer the task.
C. The essay should be 1500 words +/- 10% – this will exclude tables, references, contents page and appendices. You may include in appendices marketing communication examples. All items in appendices should be referred to and referenced to the main body of the essay.
D. The essay should follow traditional format. Introduction to introduce us to the brand, the main body of the essay, then brief conclusion or summary to finish. There is no need to put sub-headings throughout – that would make it a report.
E. Harvard referencing to be used.