A report that examines the failure of control in Carillion

Carillion is a British multinational facilities management and construction services company headquartered in Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom. It has suffered from a large project cost over-runs leading to liquidation in 2018.
The report is divided into 5 parts. First part is about a commercial analysis of Carillion. (25% weighting) Second part is a brief review of the literature on accountability to provide a definition that is appropriate to the circumstances of Carillion. (20% weighting) Third part is about describing and analysing the circumstances around the control failure. (20% weighting) Forth part is about suggesting two solutions that could have mitigated the control failure.(20% weighting) Fifth part is an evaluation of the accountability that Carillion in respect of the control failure.
* 3300 words excluding endnotes, appendices and references
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