Age of Anxiety: Mass Society, Mass Politics, and the Expansion of State Power

Pretend you are a historian writing a short article for one of today’s newsmagazines observing and reporting on the negotiations of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, and on its final results. What and who do you observe and report in your article? What were the terms of the treaty? In other words, what did the treaty say? Were the terms of the treaty a fair one, or was it not? Do you have any cause for concern or celebration from the vantage point of the participants, and its observers, in 1919 when the treaty was finalized? Why? What were the consequences of the treaty as informed by historical perspective and logical reasoning? This assignment is to be 3-4 typed pages including footnotes, plus a cover page and a separate Bibliography page after the last page of your paper, all of it in Chicago Manual of Style.

Chapter 32: Anxieties and Ideologies of the Inter War Years, 1918-1939
Page 666; Introduction on page 667; 671-680
All eReader Documents are found under Topic VIII: Expansion of State Power
eReader: Nazi Party Program, Hitler’s Munich Beer Hall Speech, Nuremberg Laws