Alcohol use during pregnancy

Prove it to be a national health issue, demonstrated in the literature with an initiative by the CDC, WHO, or Healthy People 2020. I also need to see evidence (primary studies) that there are
treatment modalities to help manage/treat the health issue
This is the rubric
Women’s Health Status in the U.S. Paper Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts
Write an introduction to include an overview, purpose, rationale for selecting the health-related issue, and plan for the paper.
3.0 pts
Choose a women’s health-related issue that has been identified as an initiative of the CDC, WHO, or Healthy People 2020.
5.0 pts
Analyze the impact/burden (physical, psychological and economical) on the woman’s and family’s life.
5.0 pts
Point out the impact of this health-related issue on the nation as a whole – this is the financial burden
5.0 pts
Discuss the available evidence regarding ways to improve/manage this health-related issue. Use primary sources, systematic reviews or meta-analyses only.
15.0 pts
Evaluate any state initiatives (policy, house bills) related to this health-related issue. Determine the impact of this bill/policy on each stakeholder including access, quality, and/or cost.
15.0 pts
Consider the positive or negative impact of this state initiative.
10.0 pts
Create a plan of action to affect the health care disparity. Describe specific strategies you propose to take in this plan of action. What practice change will you implement at your practicum site related to this issue (consider culture, economics, etc.) – my practicum is at ob/gyn clinic in an expensive residential suburb of Barrington that sees many educated software engineers and accountants who consume alcohol socially but have no medical knowledge
20.0 pts
Assemble a summary explaining how you have met the purpose of this paper
2.0 pts
Use standard English for spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraph formation, and paper formation used.
5.0 pts
Formatted in APA (6th ed.) style, with a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference list.
10.0 pts
References (Relevant, sufficient, and current [10 years or less] – at least 5-10 scholarly sources are expected.
5.0 pts
Minimum of 10 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, and 12-point font.
Minus 5 points for not meeting this requirement.
0.0 pts
Total Points: 100.0