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The current exercise is a model of McClelland’s Needs for Achievement, Affiliation, and Power, which is commonly used in assessing the motivations of employees. After this assessment, the managers will establish a motivational tool that fits the employees. As seen in the results in the scoring key, the highest factor that I consider being motivating to is the need for achievement. The need for achievement implies the necessity for an individual to take part on difficult tasks and problem-solving methods. This also implies that a person mostly involves himself or herself on activities where he or she can be recognized. In addition, the result also implies that the person often involves with tasks which are moderately difficult and also the person is satisfied when involved in a process of pursuing goals which are realistically attainable.

Therefore, I agree with the results because even though I prefer working alone on difficult tasks, I still manage to enjoy the whole process and learn from it. Most of the time I feel this need for achievement not only in academic activities, but also when I involve myself in games or other leisure activities. The result also reflects my academic performance. I may not always be on top of things but, as much as possible, I want to finish all my tasks with excellence. Consequently, the result reflects a part of my personality that I consider being very helpful.

In addition, it can be inferred that there are different motivations that a person seeks when performing a task. On a personal understanding of the results, it can be inferred that it is important that when an employee is motivated, the person must be placed in a position where short-term and long-term goals are required. For example, the person can be given a position as a sales agent because the agents are required to meet a set sales quota every day or every week. Conclusively, motivation differs from one person to another; that is why personal evaluation is important.
Scoring Key:

Achievement               Power              Affiliation

1. 4                              2. 3                  3. 2

4. 5                              5. 4                  6. 3

7. 5                              8. 4                  9. 2

10. 4                            11. 4                12. 4

13. 5                            14. 4                15. 4

Totals:     23                                19                    15