Argumentative Essay


An argumentative essay demands that a writer investigates the subject under study to establish a position on the subject in a concise manner. It therefore entails long and comprehensive research. Data must be obtained from previously published materials or through pragmatic research, that is, through interviews, observations, or experiments. The writer requires carrying out extensive research on the subject under study to establish a position and support it with concrete evidence. A clear argument must be established and sound interpretation followed.

An argumentative essay should be a comprehensible, brief, and definite thesis statement found in the first paragraph. Between the introduction, body and conclusion, there must be clear and rational transitions. This helps establish a foundation for the essay and create a coherent series of thought. The body must contain concrete evidential support. This gives clarity and direction all through the essay. Differing points on the thesis statement must also be noted and explained. Information used as evidence must be well researched, correct, comprehensive, and current to support the thesis statement. Finally, there should be a conclusion which reviews the thesis statement. No new information should be introduced at this point and Emphasis should be placed on synthesizing the information presented in the essay.




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