Article Analysis of “Why I drafted Steph Curry over John Wall”

Final Paper
This assignment requires that you discuss and justify your rationale for your first round pick for any fantasy sport. Each lab you performed this term has built towards this, and you should be applying the concepts learned from each lab in this paper. The point of this assignment is for you to have an opportunity to show me what you learned this term, and that you can apply this learning to an article in an area of interest to you. Your paper should be addressing me as if I had no prior experience in statistics, so essentially, pretend that you are writing this to explain/justify to a friend with no prior stats knowledge, your choice for first pick. Label each section of your paper, following the seven sections outlined below. As these papers are graded by section, your paper will not be graded if you do not do this.
• Use APA-style citations. A cover page is nice but not required. References are required.
• Your paper should be about 6-7 pages. If it is longer, please edit for conciseness. If it is much shorter, you may need to elaborate to show your understanding.
• Please be sure to include your name on your submission and in the name of your file (for example, articleanalysisDSmith.doc) and include access to your article for me to reference as I sometimes need to view them.
• It may be helpful for you to review the Grading Rubric on Moodle to self-check your paper before you submit your work.
You may state any other material or comments that you feel are interesting or important to the analysis of the article. Please do not answer just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to these questions, but weave your responses into the section of your report, following good writing guidelines, meaning you should read and edit your paper for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
I. Introduction & Article Set up (10 points)
Give a short summary of why you chose this player, and why this sport is of interest to you, including where you found the data you’re using to justify your choice.
II. Data Selection
Show me that you understand how the data was collected
III. Methods (10 points)
Show me that you understand each method/concept used in the labs and why it’s relevant for choosing this player/athlete over another.
IV. Variables and Hypotheses (10 points)
What is your hypothesis statement? This should entail some statement comparing your choice to that of other potential candidate(s).
V. Graphics (10 point)
Show me that you understand the power and importance of graphics (including tables) as they relate to your paper. Essentially, include some graphic(s) to support your choice.
VI. Statistical Analysis (20 points)
Show me that you can apply the statistical methods we’ve used this term. Convince me/your friend why you’ve made the right choice in drafting this athlete.
VII. Conclusion (10 points)
Show me that you understand the methods we’ve used this term. Convince me/your friend why you’ve made the right choice in drafting this athlete.
PLEASE NOTE: The remaining 20 points cover your writing, grammar, punctuation, and citations. PLEASE be sure to CAREFULLY EDIT, or expect grade reductions!