Biological Changes, Alternatives& Convalescent Nursing Home Visitation

Discuss the Biological changes with your “buddy.” Ask you “buddy to describe-Concerns/fears about physical changes and memory loss. -Life changed because of declines in physical functioning-Include in your paper these discussions and the relative importance of physical versus social aging in shaping life. Which is more important and why? -Talk to your buddy about nursing/convalescent homes and his/her attitude about them. (Chapters 3,4,5 & 11) -Discuss alternative models, such as Eden Alternative(in your text), and get his/her opinion about these alternative models. -Visit a Nursing/Convalescent facility(NOT Assisted Living or Adult Day Carefacilities);When visiting the facility, if asked why you are there, explain that you are visiting potential sites for your grandparents.Include(but not limited to),the following in your paper:-the date, time of your visit, address and facility phone number, and contact person and title.-include a picture of yourself outside the facility by the sign to validate your attendance(Due to HIPPA regulations (protectingresident’s rights) you cannot take pictures inside the facility)-Describe the facility and the layout. -How did the facility smell when you walked in?-How many people does it serve? -How many staff? -What experience and educational background do they have to work with seniors?-Did the staff go through a background check and finger printing? -Do they require TB and Drug Tests?-What kind of volunteer program do they have?-How do they handle natural disasters and medical emergencies?-What type of recreational activities do they provide? If someone doesn’t go to activities, how do they provide them with “quality of life?”