Can it be a negotiation that already took place? – No, you have to plan and execute a new negotiation

Negotiation Paper: For the final project is you will plan for and execute a negotiation where you get someone or some organization to donate money to a charitable cause. This is a capstone exercise, so not only does it touch on all the objectives and ways we will try to meet them, but it also challenges you to synthesize and execute the broader skills from the course (planning, analysis, process adaptation, and analytical reflection).

1) Can it be a negotiation that already took place? – No, you have to plan and execute a new negotiation
2) Does it have to be money that gets donated? – Absolutely not.
3) Can I set up a GoFundMe, or some other kind of mass donation system. – NO. I want you to write about the process that took place between you and another person. That does not happen when you “put out a can.”
4) How will you know I donated something? – You provide me with a receipt from the charity, or a contract with the person who agrees to donate.
5) Can I donate to anyone? – As long as they are a recognized non-profit (501c) organization. If your uncle Bill runs a charity, then that is fine. If your uncle Bill just needs money, it is not.
6) What if I don’t get anything? – I don’t care. I am grading you on how well you planned, how well you analyzed what happened, and how well you reflected on what should be different. Because…

The focus of the paper must be on the negotiation material you have learned.
As a negotiation class, the paper needs to be about how the negotiation went. As a capstone activity, I am looking for evidence that you understood and could put into use what I have taught you. If you tell me a brilliant and complex story of a negotiation that has no connection to what you learned from class, you will not do well. You do not have to cover everything we have learned, only what is most relevant for this experience.

You are showing me you understand how to plan for and execute the negotiation process. Outcome matters, but only inasmuch as it demonstrates how you applied what you have learned from the course. Raising $10,000 is a lot harder than raising $500, unless the $10,000 came from your rich uncle and the $500 came from donations by inner city welfare recipients. At the same time, negotiation is about being smart in your choices about whom to ask. Thus the person who chooses to try to raise money from the welfare recipients may not have made such a good strategic decision.

• The paper should include a plan (about 1-2 pgs.) an analysis of the negotiation process (about 2 pgs.) and an analysis of what you learned from it that you will use in your next negotiation (about 1 pg).
• Because you are writing about a single process, it is a bad idea to try to get multiple donors. You may be able to raise a lot of money by asking your customers at work to contribute to some charity, but this leaves very little to plan, no process to analyze, and little to think about with respect to what you could have done better.
• The paper should be no more than 5 pages of double-spaced text in 12-point font, with one-inch margins all around. No fancy binders or folders, please; just staple the pages together. I stop reading at the end of page 5.
This will be a negotiation to convince my husband to donate money to my Brother in law and sisters church in Japan. Here is the link to the church:
Please follow the instructions of the paper. Attached are the chapters of the negotiations book please include some lessons and strategies.