Case Study for MIS 589

Case Study for MIS 589

Company 360 (XYZ Inc.) networking is located in Brooklyn, NY. This company provide telephone support especially help desk support for multiple type of business include retail, travel, manufacturing and infrastructure related. Started 5 years ago with only 4 staff members, it has expanded to a main branch office (in Queens) that support now all the help desk support. The number of employees in Queens are approximately 20 and there is aggressive plan to expand the business because of high demand of help desk support. You can use this as a template and make assumptions as you go along each week with your work. A typical diagram is shown below for their Brooklyn office. They are implementing the Queens office as well.

Diagram of the company Network Brooklyn office: The modem connection goes to the WAN provider and connects to the Queens Center.

Modem connections to the Queens center via WAN provider. The following diagram shows a tentative sketch of the Queens center with their server, IP phones, and smart phones, firewalls, switches and routers.

Internet connection from Home office

1. Description of the service-summary 

2. Intended clients or customers 

3. Business objective statement

4. Application architecture description

5. Information provided to the clients

6. Basic requirements