Political Behavior of the American Voter, Increasing Polarization of the Electorate

Graduate Students will prepare a full academic research paper in the study of political behavior. Each student should develop an idea to study and write the assignment as the foundation for a full work of original research. Please use me as a resource for sounding out ideas and way to set up your research design. Once you develop an idea, you must be sure that nobody else has done the research you envision, and then use existing political science research as a backbone for your design. Scientific research is based on building off existing work to make a coherent body of knowledge. After you develop the idea and support your points with the literature, you must tell me what kind of data you will use and how you intend to analyze that data. Finally, you must present analysis of the data and draw conclusions. The paper should be at least 10 pages. Note that you will not be expected to gather data and prepare a full research paper, you are only inventing an idea and explaining how you would test the question you would ask in the paper.

Write a paper (1,750 to 2,000 words) that describes how borrowed theory can be applied to the identified problem.


It is important to understand how borrowed theory can help you in your everyday environment as a nurse. In the previous assignment, you identified a practical problem that emerged from the evidence in the extant literature or professional practice, and you explored how middle-range theory could be applied to solve the problem. In this assignment, you will explore and apply borrowed theory to solve the specific problem that you identified previously, and you will synthesize the applications of the middle-range theory and the borrowed theory into the most appropriate solution to the problem.


Consider the problem that you described in the previous assignments and the instructor feedback about those assignments.

Write a paper (1,750 to 2,000 words) that describes how borrowed theory can be applied to the identified problem. The paper should include the following:

A brief summary of the problem including the potential middle-range theory that could be applied.
A description of a borrowed theory that could be applied to the problem. Is this borrowed theory appropriate to your identified problem?
A brief history of the borrowed theory’s origins.
A discussion of how the borrowed theory has been previously applied.
A discussion of the application of the borrowed theory to the identified problem. How would your practice change by incorporating this theory?
A discussion of how application of both the borrowed theory and the middle-range theory can be integrated to create the most appropriate solution to the identified problem.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Appreciating Evidence for Practice

The paper is to be written about EBP (evidence based practice). Beginning with a short introduction outlining the assignment and the case study. then leading into the first 25% of words written about EBP (I have already started this and will attach the beginning of my writing if you want to include it/edit it, and the definition I have written for EBP would be a good guide for how I want to continue talking about EBP)
The second 25% of the word count is taken up analysing a qualitative paper I have chosen, and then relating it to the case study.
The next 25% will be the same format as above but on a quantitative paper I have chosen.
The final 25% is on an evaluative paper, and will finish with a short conclusion highlighting some of what has been done in the process of this paper and what has been learned.
You must please use the papers I have attached for the relevant sections. There are some checklists in the assignment info documents which should be followed.
Let me know if you need any further information or some of the references I have found.
Have fun!

Write a report on Domestic Violence

The report should include the following elements, in the order listed:

Letter of transmittal
Title page
Table of Contents (including a list of illustrations)
Text of the report:
Body (depending on the scope of your report and its topic, probably a minimum of 5 pages)
Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations (if needed)
Source Documentation:
Words, sentences, phrases, organizational plans, illustrations, photos, and other graphics taken from a source other than the student’s own expertise or personal experience must have their sources clearly and correctly documented. The only information not documented is general knowledge (e.g., facts or generally-held ideas that may be found in three or four different sources, such as the definitions of most words, birthdates of famous people, and so on). You must use in-text citations and a Works Cited page, prepared in the Modern Language Association format. Refer to one of the recommended grammar and usage handbooks and the course syllabus (“About Academic Integrity”) for a step-by-step guide on how to document sources correctly.
Works Cited page (not a bibliography or references page). Only those sources used and cited in the report should be included in this alphabetical list. The first word of each item on this page must be capable of a “Find” search that will point to that item’s use in the body of the report. In other words, if the reader selects the first word (usually the last name of the author, or the title of the article), and hits Ctrl+F, the place in the body of the report where that “work” is used will be found. If a work is listed on the Works Cited page and there is no in-text reference in the body of the report, then it is incorrectly cited. Likewise, if the wording of the in-text citation (parenthetical reference) is not exactly the keyword that begins the Works Cited entry, the documentation of sources is incorrect. By definition, incorrect documentation of sources is plagiarism. Take special care with this part of your report. Whether or not it is intentional, plagiarism will result in a failing grade in the course and a report to the Vice President of Student Support Services for disciplinary action.

8. Appendixes and a glossary of terms used, if needed.

To receive full credit, the Research Project Report must contain the above components, as well as the following items in the report itself:

Figures or Illustrations (minimum of four), properly labeled (e.g., Figure 1: Top view of …), positioned effectively, and referred to in the text of the report (e.g., See Figure 1 below).
In-text citations of sources, along with a Works Cited page. Every item on this WC page must be correctly cited in the report itself. Use the Modern

Language Association format, as explained in Appendix A: A Quick Guide to Documentation, MLA begins on page 636. Any illustration not created by the report’s author must have its source correctly cited.

Logical and effective use of headings and sub-headings.
Correct grammar and usage.

The negative effect of child support. or if you see any better topic related to the peer reviewed source from the UDC Library.

This class is focused on the wider theme of belonging and identity explored through different pathways and aspects of belonging. Thus, we have navigated the terrains of personal identity and belonging by reading narratives commenting on the sociological, cultural, economic impacts of contemporary life. Within this context, please think of a research topic you would like to explore that is more related to this central theme.
So, considering sites of individual or collective impacts that aspects of developing identity has on socio-historical and political-cultural belongings, what are some limitations that continue to include us and exclude others? What are some steps to address this? How can they be addressed?
Goal: to find a reasonable solution/-s or to examine the shortcomings of an issue of public concern focused on a particular aspect of identity. You will have to consider this paper as an extension of the theme of this class, as you research it further and couple it with original thought and reason
• To have a research question while understanding its limits and possibilities
• Use at least 2 major peer reviewed source from UDC library—preferably online and one which helps you ground your point of view and helps you reinforce your initial argument
• Use either Academic Search Complete, Opposing Viewpoints, Business Source Premier, Google Scholar which are peer reviewed academic sources
• Use original thinking and research for this paper to develop a position or a thesis instead of only summarizing information from sources
• Use the research tools of summarizing, quoting, paraphrasing as you need it along with the tools of analyzing, criticizing, or arguing as you develop and elaborate your point of view
• Use standard English grammar and elements of editing and proofreading
• Use MLA in-text and Works Cited format, please refer to OWL Purdue for latest MLA citation updates.
• Paper is at least 6-7 pages long, it cannot be more than 8 pages. This does not include the Works Cited page
• The paper is 25% of your final paper. If you do not submit this paper, you automatically fail English 210
• Paper is page numbered in MLA format and has a title you choose
• You must use 2 sources that are researched, full-text, and peer reviewed accessed through UDC libraries online
• You have an additional presentation associated with Paper 3 which is 10% of the grade. A separate handout on the Presentation informs you about the nuts and bolts about this.
• You have an Annotated Bibliography associated with Paper 3 which is 5% of the grade. This is a brief overview of the 2 scholarly works you have planned on using in your Paper 3.

Relationship between Talent Management and Innovativeness and the Mediating Role of Organizational Intelligence in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Study population: pharmaceutical manufacturing companies (17 companies in total)

Study sample: 200 employees from the top and middle level management at the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Methodology: quantitative approach- using regression analysis

Data collection method: questionnaire (200 questionnaires)

Note: please send me all the SPSS files with the research paper when it’s done.

Course Project Part 3: CNS STIMULANTS

Course Project Part 3 (35 points)

The third part of the project involves locating three websites for information on your drug/drug category. One should be a good source, one should be average, and one should be bad. Please be sure to define these terms yourself based on your assessment of each site. Please make sure you are using websites and not published articles. Please do not use drugfreeworld as one of your sites, as we already explored that one in Part II.

Part III should address the following, in paragaph format. The submission of bulleted lists or an outline will result in a significant loss of credit.

How difficult was it to find the three websites addressing your drug/category?
For each website, provide this information:
Web address
Date the site was last updated
Type of site (i.e. educational, government, commercial)
Audience for whom the site is intended
Quality of site (good, average, bad) – with your definition of each rating
Explain why you chose this as either your good, average or bad site.

Grading for Part III of the Course Project will be based on:
1) Quality of the work: Your interpretation, analysis, and explanation of what your are learning here is important! Give it some depth, and use your own words.
2) Using the same drug or drug category you used in Part II, as the parts of this project are cumulative. The same drug/category must be used to avoid receiving a 0 on this part of the paper.
3) Absence of direct quotes: This project requires individual interpretation of information, so direct quotes should not be used. Points will be deducted from the grade for each use of a direct quote.
4) Title and Reference pages: Part III must have a cover page that includes a title for your project, your name, the professor’s name, and the course name. References should be listed on the last page. Submitting these pages as separate documents will result in deduction of points.
5) Accuracy of the citations using APA guidelines
6) Spelling and grammar: Remember that the more mistakes you make, the more points you will lose, so be sure to run spell- and grammar-check on this (and all of your) work!
7) Length: Part I should be 1-1 ½ pages of content. Points will be deducted if the paper is too short or too long. Your paper should consist of more than just a single paragraph. Papers that are only one paragraph long will have points deducted. The title and reference pages should be part of the same document, but do not count in the page count.
8) Font: Please use 12 point font, in either Arial or Times New Roman. The font must be a dark color, either black or dark blue.
9) Margins: All margins must be one-inch.

My drug topic is: CNS STIMULANTS

Write a research-based argumentative essay in which you take a strong position on how to fix or improve this issue.

Choose an issue in your community or government that you currently see as a problem. Write a research-based argumentative essay in which you take a strong position on how to fix or improve this issue. ( Need Outline for this research paper! The thesis I already wrote it , please help me check it and make it better. I screen shot the thesis in additional materials. Thank you!) Also I need at less 4 of the 7 sources are academic journals or from the book.

Explore utopian visions of the future and their critiques of society as manifested in educational materials, literature, film and television, government documents, and/or other primary sources.

Paper must explore utopian visions of the future and their critiques of society as manifested in educational materials, literature, film and television, government documents, and/or other primary sources.
paper must explore the intersection of at least two aspects of identity—race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age, and/or ability—in relation to your primary sources.

I chose gender and sexuality … in order to discuss the progress there’s been in literature and films within gender roles and ideologies from the 19th century
And show evidence on how although in present time there shows to be progress it is Yet to be gender and sexuality equality

There Sections:
• Introduction (250-500 words). See the Brief Guide for Writing section 5.
• Literature Review (500-750 words). See the Brief Guide for Writing section 4.6. This
should be a focused discussion of scholarship that is related to your topic and questions. The purpose of this section is to provide a historical and theoretical context for the analysis of your primary sources. You can revise your previous literature review for this section. You must make significant use of at least two scholarly sources from your previous LBS or WGSS classes, two scholarly sources assigned for this class, and three scholarly sources from your research in this section.
• Body (3,000-4,500 words). The body should be organized with headings that mark the major texts and issues you will be discussing. You must analyze at least two primary sources from class and three primary sources from your research in this section. This section must also have clear PEAR organization and a clear historical progression.
• Conclusion (250-300 words). See the Brief Guide for Writing section 6.