Choose an area in finance that interests you and write an essay on it.

Length: A minimum of 12 pages, double spaced typewritten, not counting title-page, appendices, endnotes etc.

Topic: Any topic in the general area of Finance (Corporate, Institutions or Investments only). The paper CANNOT be a discussion or a valuation of one company.

The Audience: The paper should be aimed at providing your class-mates with significant depth in the subject area of your choice.

Suggested Sequence to Complete the Paper.
a) Choose an area in finance that interests you. For example, something that you read in the newspaper, a magazine, a finance journal, a book or maybe heard on the TV news.
b) Go to the library and check the Business Periodicals Indexes for additional sources of writing in your area of interest. Though step a) above may point you towards an interesting topic, you can only get sufficient depth and expertise in the area of interest by reading a number of different articles in that field.
c) Read some of the articles and check their bibliography for further leads.
d) Draw up an outline and the title for your paper
e) Write a preliminary draft. Make sure all quotes and sources are properly acknowledged in footnotes (endnotes).
f) Correct your preliminary draft(s) for smooth flow of ideas, spelling and punctuation, grammar etc.