Climate change and Public Health

Title : Climate change and Public Health
“Consider the impact climate change will have both at a local level and an international level will have on Public Health in the future.”
You will research global food security, air quality, emerging infectious diseases and pest control etc You must make a specific reference to the impact on air quality both within the UK, on a global level and using national as well as international examples.
Learning outcomes linked to this assignment
1. Apply the principals of evidenced based public health
2. Critically appraise the validity and reliability of evidence used in public health
3. Critically discuss how pollution may be managed and controlled to protect human health and the environment.
4. Appraise the role of policy and strategy development and implementation for population health and well-being.
5. Assess the evidence of effectiveness of interventions, programmes and services to improve population health and well-being and the application to practice through planning, audit and evaluation.
6. Critically discuss sustainable development and sustainability and how these concepts are implicit to improving environmental quality and managing resources.