Compare a specific building by Michelangelo with another architecture previously analyzed (Brunelleschi, Alberti, Palladio, Bramante).

To support your comparison, please adopt one of the binary concepts from his Principles of Art History — linear vs painterly, plane vs recession, closed-form vs open-form, multiplicity vs unity, absolute clarity vs relative clarity — following what we did in class with the series of paintings.

You could focus either on the general organization of the building, or on one of its constituting elements, on its typology, function, or ruling principles, on its relationship with the city, or the specific use of history, etc. To support and enrich your argument, you might also refer to other buildings too.

Please provide evidence of your argument with:— Two re-drawn plans emphasizing specific aspects of the building; — Two schemes (axon, exploded drawing, facade detail, geometric organization, modules, etc.) necessary to better explain your argument;— Four images carefully selected.

You can use the same layout of the previous assignment as a template. Please footnote all your sources: any form of plagiarism will be reported ). Submit your essays on time as we will penalize late submission.