Consumer Demand Theory. How Consumers reconcile the balance between the need of buying Healthcare against its cost; show patterns and demonstrable cases

Students are required to submit an 8 to 10 page paper discussing one of the topics discussed in the class, with emphasis on Microeconomic material. The paper will be completed according to MLA (Modern Language Association) style. This will include a title page (this is not included in the total # of pages), double spacing, and typing in 12pt. Times New Roman font. The choice of topics is any topic covered in the text or in lecture. General examples of topic areas (additional specificity is required, topics should not be too broad) include elasticity, wages, market structures, agriculture, energy, immigration, heatlth care, etc. You must make a decision and submit your topic along with a brief description of your intended direction by the middle of the term. The submittal date for Research Papers is absolutely firm (the last day of class), and will not be extended for any reason.

Grading Factors:

-Content: Does the work SPECIFICALLY reference a topic covered in the course? Does the writer clearly demonstrate that he/she understands the concept and how it applies?

-Mechanics: Is the paper free of spelling errors? Is the paper written using good sentence structure? Are tenses, subjects, etc. consistent in each sentence and paragraph? Is the paper the prescribed length, using the correct type size and margins?