The Contemporary Musician





The Contemporary Musician

 Bethany Dawne is an upcoming musician. She started her music career with a band called ‘Perfectly’ on November 2010. She performed with this band for several years. After establishing her niche, Bethany took on a solo career. Bethany’s genre of music is Acoustic Rock. This is evidenced by her use of a guitar while performing, which is one of the characteristics of acoustic rock music.

In her performance, she has incorporated several background vocalists. She also has a strong tenor and a smooth soprano. These two, along with her as the principal performer, and coupled with her melodious voice make her song worth a listen. Her vocal prowess is more established and brought to light when she performs “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.”

Bethany has adopted soft rock as her genre of music. This form of music is a variation of rock music and has elements of folk rock and is low-toned. This structure means that the music appeal is lighter and noise free. Listening to the music keenly, one will realize that the musician has incorporated several genres such as blues, jazz, and rock. However, the song tempo is controlled and non-threatening. This ensures that the song creates a mature and calm atmosphere. To culminate this rather stylish genre, Bethany has used several instruments in her production. She has used electric bass guitar and acoustics that blend in so well.

There is also the use of a drum set which creates beat in the music. The use of these instruments has compensated the voices incredibly. This performance has been given life by the presence of electric instruments as well as the amplifiers. These two have enabled the band to be more audible, which is an important factor in music. Amplification of sounds is also responsible for the quality of soft rock music. The whole setup is formidable and worth listening. The melody has also been perfected by the three strong background vocals along with her natural and unique voice.

The main theme in the songs that were performed is solitude and how to deal with it. The musician has turned the tables and made solitude a different affair. She has also explored the theme of love in her song “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.” In this song, she explores the state of love in the contemporary world. She is also concerned with the aridity of true love and social values in the current world. Her music can be considered daring as she invokes memories and life aspects that most musicians share away from. These include strong social values and the essence of love. Briefly, Bethany is within the rigors of musical appreciation. Moreover, she seems to be playing within the “rules” of soft rock, which include sobriety in disseminating content.

Dawne has had several performances across the United States. This specific performance took place in 4701 San Fernando Rd W, in Los Angeles. The audience was a mixture of young and middle aged people. This can be attributed to the fact that her music has no borders. Everyone has something to reckon with in her music. Critically, Dawne has taken different perspective music and thus, she continues to reverberate across the airwaves. Her choice of music is perfect and timely. This is because people in the modern world are more interested with thematic and cool music. Her talent will continue to glow as she progresses. Her vocals, choice of genre and instrumentation is in order. Given this, her growth in this dynamic field in inevitable.