Corporate social responsibility and Governance


You are working for computing supplies ltd and you are an idealistic: you only buy fairtrade, you work in a charity shop over the weekend, you participate in charity runs and every year you attend community beach cleaning events. Although you’ve already tried to approach the subject of corporate social responsibilities nobody took it seriously. However the company recently received bad publicity after documentary showing the obsolete computers being stripped down for gold by 10 year olds in Africa. To complicate things further the computers are actually being burnt to collect the gold which create dangerous fumes both for the environment and for the children. In addition to this new issue, computing Supplies Ltd pays the majority of its employees the minimum wage in order to maximise profit. Several employees have now joined the union and trying to negotiate a living wage to no avail,which has also caused some bad publicity. Notwithstanding due to the bad publicity four large clients have already terminated their contract and as a consequence the revenue is down 15% compared to the previous year. To make the matters worse although this has not merged in the news computing Supplies Ltd is planning on relocating some of its manufacturing in India in order to cut down cost, however it seems that it would not really benefit the locals as the subcontracting cost implies cut down in particular relating to local wages and local use of water. You believe that this time senior management will listen but you know that you have to prepare the ground before the meeting to make a successful proposal