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Criminal Justice

Many groups have risen to sue the government for its ObamaCare mandate that all employers must provide for contraception coverage for their employees. Following this mandate many groups have come up to sue the government for what they consider is an infringement on their religious rights. Different groups ranging from religious groups to private employers and business people have filed suits against the government. Therefore, the question is what the requirements are for anyone who wants to sue the government in cases like ObamaCare. Even more important is the question of whether any common citizen or group can bring an injunction against the government.

There are several requirements that groups need to meet if they are to sue the government in cases like the ObamaCare. Groups wishing to sue the government over healthcare must be constitutionally recognized groups. For example, only religious groups recognized by the constitution can successfully sue the government. Religious groups like cults do not qualify to sue on the government. On the other hand, other groups like women groups, civil rights groups, homosexuals, and gay groups qualify since they are constitutionally recognized. Another requirement is that the groups should have any political affiliations with any political parties. This will ensure that government business does not mix with politics. The last requirement is that the groups have to have backing from their followers. This means that one person cannot purport to speak for a whole group if the rest of the members do not agree with the individual.

The various groups that have sued the government for the ObamaCare contraception rule all fall under the described categories. Some of these groups, such as the catholic religious groups, have managed to file cases against the government successfully. Some of these cases are even slotted for hearing at the supreme courts in due time.