Critical review of articles

A Critical Review should include a brief Summary of the main points of the three articles/chapters that you have chosen from the particular Theme, together with a Critique of the chosen texts. Of the two, the Critique is the more important and should take more space.

Your paper should briefly summarise each article/chapter and indicate in what ways these articles/chapters relate to each other and how they contribute to our understanding of discourse. You should also extend your discussion to include commentary on the application of the relevant theory/ies to a ‘professional’ site of relevance to you (e.g. classroom; interpreting context; business site; etc.).
Keep the following points under special consideration:
1: while writing the assignment please keep the structure according to the following headings;
A: abstract ( write about the assignment what you are going to do and how you going to do in this assignment maximum 200 to 400 words )
B: summary of article 1(name of the article)
C: summary of article 2( name of the article )
D: summary of article 3( name of the article )
E: critical review
F: commentary
G: references
2: while writing the summary write individually for each article but in critical review write in integrated way ( see the details in assignment detail file )
3: files named as “ APPL910 – Assignment 2 – 2018 Sem 2” and “APPL910 – Writing a Critical Review (Assignment 2)” contains the marking criteria and step wise instructions for each section i.e. summary , critical review , commentary etc
4: file named as “APPL910 and 710 – Assignment 2 – Eligible articles by theme” contains the whole course content . for this assignment as mentioned in details students are supposed to choose 1 theme and then 3 articles from that ( which I have selected and uploaded in the files ) this file can help you for references and citations ( try to take required and relevant references from this file as it contains the whole course content )
5: file named as “ sample file “ contains the solution of this assignment written by my senior fellow . its attached just to take the idea and as I have selected the same articles so you can get some ideas from that . can take references as well ( but do not copy anything ) . further the format and structure in this file is not approved by the teacher so follow my instructions given above .

If you face any difficulty in understanding the task please contact ASAP.
word limit is 4000 words exact including references .