Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum

FINAL  project description thorough,  a moral description in IEEE format answering each of the individual aspects of the project as laid out here:

0.      Problem statement

1.      Need/motivation for working on the problem.

2.      Prior/related work in the literature review/survey, i.e., body of work in the literature – appropriately cited in IEEE format.

3.      Your approach to solving the problem.

4.      Why do you think your approach will yield superior results than that of your peers from step 2.

5.      Timeline/schedule of action items.

6.      Resources and skills needed/required for successful completion of project.

7.      Benefits of successful completion of your project – benefits to the academic/industrial community etc.

8.      The deliverable.

Choose two out of the 3 tpocs..Please let it be thorough it is a FINAL project please.

Identification and prevention of DDoS Attacks

Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum

Analysing Financial status using credit Score Rating