Define, compare and contrast “Racism as a Set of Attitudes” and “Racism as a System of Power.”

Paper 6 to 8 page critical essay with source citations and bibliography (APA style format preferred but MLA is acceptable). You may go over 8 pages. You are required to cite your readings, class films, in class discussions and CANVAS discussions (Week # 1 ~ Week #8).

You will be graded on the following:

1) COMPOSITION: grammar, syntax, spelling, organization
2) CONTENT: information & data
3) CREATIVITY: originality of approach and ideas
4) CRITICAL ANALYSIS: sociological imagination
5) CITATION: sources; references of each textbook, each film clip, online Canvas posts, class lectures/discussion, bibliography/works cited -page.

Please use the APA citation format. (Links to an external site.)Ссылки на внешний сайт.

In order to provide a critical analysis, in addition to sourcing your required readings, film clips, lectures, & class discussion posts, your paper must demonstrate knowledge of the course materials and explain the various ways in which the literature/texts discuss “race.”

Please answer the following questions:

Define, compare and contrast “Racism as a Set of Attitudes” and “Racism as a System of Power.” What is the difference between “race” and “racism?‘ Incorporate concepts of “ethnocentrism,” “prejudice,” “discrimination,” and “colorblind racism” into your analysis. Give examples from films we’ve viewed from this class. And finally, cite an incident that could fit into both paradigms that has occurred in recent times (between September 1st ~ November 5th). Include the news article.

Remember: one of the underlying assumptions of this course is that, “Even when it’s not about race, it’s always about race.”