Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the main frameworks and principles on research design

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Word Limit:
• Research Proposal: 2,500 words (Plus or minus 10%)
Learning outcomes assessed:
1. Identify a research topic appropriate to the level and field of study
2. Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the main frameworks and principles  on research design
3. Assess and contribute to the process of research
4. Evaluate how quantitative and qualitative methods can be applied in
academic research
This coursework is worth 100 % of the total marks for this module.
RMET6053 Research Methods Summer2018Coursework Brief
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Coursework Instructions
Please read carefully
• Carefully read the module handbook, the marking criteria and the grade
Academic Misconduct
You are responsible for ensuring you understand the policy and regulations
about academic misconduct. You must:
• Complete this work alone except where required or allowed by this
assignment briefing paper and ensure it has not been written or composed
by or with the assistance of any other person.
• Make sure all sentences or passages quoted from other people’s work in
this assignment (with or without trivial changes) are in quotation marks, and
are specifically acknowledged by reference to the author, work and page.
RMET6053 Research Methods Summer2018Coursework Brief
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RMET6053 Research Methods Summer2018Coursework Brief
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The central purpose of this module is to prepare a research proposal for the Capstone
Project. In particular, Research Methods enables students to pursue research that is
secondary in nature (i.e. traditional dissertation). If primary research is undertaken, it
enables a more quantitative approach. Students should become knowledgeable about
what they want to do for their project, why they want or need to do it, what they will
achieve or produce as a result of the study and how they will undertake the project.
This also includes learning about what methods are appropriate to the chosen study
and any ethical issues involved. The assessment is a proposal for the for the Capstone
Project that will demonstrate the above learning and provide a solid plan for the study.
The Capstone Project is the culmination of the student’s degree and may take many
forms, such as a dissertation or more practical real-world project. Practical real-world
projects are the main focus in the other elective module, Research and the
Assignment Task
To produce a proposal for a suitable topic of investigation that includes the following:
1. Introduction including academic rationale, research question, objectives and
hypotheses (if appropriate) (±750 words)
2. Literature Review (±1000 words)
3. Research Methodology (±750 words)
4. Reference List (not included in word count)
Students should also submit a completed Ethics Checklist alongside their proposal.
Total Marks for Assignment:100