Design a basic marketing portfolio for a specific recreation/leisure experience

Please design a basic marketing portfolio for a specific recreation/leisure experience that will include the following:

1. A detailed description of the “experience”.
2. A basic market analysis (i.e. SWOT analysis, Target Markets).
3. A branding/image strategy.
4. A general marketing strategy (budget implications?)
5. A flyer or poster or brochure (see the NOTE section below).

You must support your statements, assumptions, and strategies (ideas, timing, wording, etc.) with reference to marketing theory (text or other reference) and/or with logical rationale (i.e. planning a family oriented experience during the March School Break, TV advertising would perhaps be unreasonable for a small business).

I advise you to crease an experience that is manageable, with limited target markets and limited scope of activity. Creating a marketing portfolio for a large organization like Disneyworld is beyond the scope of this assignment. You can do it if you want, but it will be more difficult. Use/design an experience you are familiar with, or perhaps begin the work of creating your own recreation program/activity business.

I recognize that students may “borrow” ideas/wording from a variety of sources. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO YOUR SOURCES.

NOTE: I recognize that student experience/comfort level with relevant software varies. Consequently the flyer or poster or brochure may just be basic strategic design and appropriate wording/information.

My main interest is for you to demonstrate your ability to understand and link the various marketing elements and to reasonably support your choices.