Assignment 4: Designing a lesson plan for a grammar point
The lesson plan for this module must be based on a grammar point of your choice. It should be a topic that your students will be learning for the first time. It is not a revision. Although you may want to review certain topics in the lesson (warm up or revision step), the target language of your choice must be a new topic to your students.
Pronunciation, listening, reading, speaking or writing can be integrated in the lesson.
The main objectives of this assignment are that you:
1. demonstrate comprehension of the topic of a grammar lesson plan using the PPP format of the Communicative Approach.
2. demonstrate your ability to apply theory into practice in all stage of this lesson plan.
Feel free to search the Internet for ideas, use material from a textbook as some of the sample lesson plans do in this unit, or create your own material. Whatever material you use, remember that it is important to identify the items in the cover page of your lesson plan, and the steps in the lesson plan procedure.
review the module’s instructions, I’ve attached a template that will help you to ensure that you’ve met each requirement that must be satisfied. I have also sent you another example of a suitable grammar lesson. Please review these carefully. Finally, please keep in mind that your lesson plan must be suitable for a group of ADULT LEARNERS.
There must be at least 3 practice activities in which students get some controlled practice with the grammar point (fill in the blank, true/false, answering questions, etc.) and then a final task that is more open and free.