Developing Skills for Business Leadership-provide and justify a professional and personal development plan (PDP) for the short, medium and long-term.

Is a Human resources management business report
CIPD Level 7 Developing skills for business leadership
This assessment covers the following learning outcomes for this module
Unit Learning outcomes
Developing skills for
business leadership
1 Manage themselves more effectively at work
or in another professional context.
2 Manage interpersonal relationships at work
more effectively.
3 Make sound and justifiable decisions and solve
problems more effectively
4 Lead and influence others more effectively.
5 Interpret financial information and manage
financial resources
6 Demonstrate enhanced IT proficiency.
7 Demonstrate an essential people management
8 Demonstrate competence in postgraduate
study skills
Assessment brief
This assessment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your
range of skills. In choosing your scenarios you should try to select them
from either experience at work, or in the classroom. However, you are not
confined to these and can also draw upon other aspects of your life, such
as hobbies, sport and leisure, caring responsibilities. The key is to ensure
that you clearly identify skills arising in and from the scenarios you choose.
You may draw upon one scenario to demonstrate up to any two learning
outcomes. The assessment requires you to demonstrate that you have a
skill in each of the learning outcomes.
a) From your experience, describe and evaluate real-life
scenarios where you have demonstrated that you have
acquired skill in each of the learning outcomes above.
b) Apply relevant theories and models to these scenarios
to critically analyse your performance. You may identify
a different scenario for each learning outcome or use a
scenario for more than one learning outcome.
Level 7 u A guide to your learner journey
c) On the basis of your self-analysis, provide and justify a
professional and personal development plan (PDP) for the
short, medium and long-term. The CIPD website has models
of suitable ways to present your PDP and the heading to use.
The wordcount for your written report should be between
4000-6000 words.
Your completed report should be uploaded to the submissions area of the