Development report and Evaluation and Review report

My Honours dissertation is a bit different. It is a 60-credit module, not 40-credit (classic) one – this means I need to deliver a project, not just dissertation paper. Because I study Web Design and Development course, I chose to create a front-end website plus a google cardboard app – both created for my client who is a painter.

I have created a website with embedded 360° interactive video plus a virtual gallery app for Android phones.

The dissertation divided into three parts:

• literature review (was done by another writer – please find it attached to the order)

• 2600-word development report with eight references (your task)

• 2600-word evaluation and review report with eight references (your task)

• Appendices – e.g. questionnaire design, interview schedule… for this I reserved 800 words (your task)

Then it is divided into two types of research:

1st research on the topic: “How can virtual reality help painters communicate their finished works to the public and their peers?”. In this case, I will be trying to find out if painters would like to highlight their work through a medium of virtual reality. This task will include showing artists an example of a virtual reality project, collecting data from artists (questionnaire of an interview), collating their opinions about VR as a way to exhibit their work.


Data to evaluate the website should be collected from

• a client (I will do an interview with the client and add it to the paper later)

• mostly users (your task)

• professionals from Web Design and Development industry (your task – you might contact designers and developers from forum pages)

Data to evaluate the app should be collected from

• mostly users (your tasks)

• client (I will interview with the client and add it to the paper later)

• Artists as well – painters too as this is what the research question is about. I would like to know if the artists would like to publish their work through virtual reality medium. If they think it would help to promote their artwork or reach out to a bigger audience in a different way (see Learning Contract.pdf). (your task)