Discourse Community: UC Davis Managerial Economics Major

I attached everything in the files and here are the explanation for them:
1. “Draft 3 with Prof feedback”: where I am for this paper right now, and with professor’s feedback in the files. (NOTE: the feedback is hidden. Simply place the pointer on the highlighted part then the feedback will pop out! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE FEEDBACK)
2. “Research Project Overview”: all the instruction and requirements needed for this paper.
3. “Guidance Paper”: a high-score example paper from my peer. Feel free to check it if you need some inspirations.
4. “Revised Part Highlighted”: I revised a little bit after I got the feedback. And the revised part has been highlighted by me in the file.
5. “Rubric for Draft 3 from my Prof.”: I got 21/40 for draft 3 and the rubric shows the breakdown score for each part (eg. Analysis, Thesis, etc.) This file is recommended to be viewed with feedback file together.
6. “Interview Script”: not an official interview. You can change whatever you need for this paper.
7. NOTE: an interview and a document analysis part are required as research resources in this paper. For document analysis, it’s the a website page article called “What Can I Do with A Managerial Economics Major”. And you can find the URL in the Reference of the paper. For the interview, you can either use mine or ignore mine because the interview is a personal activity, which means you can add anything you need to what the interviewee said in the “Interview Script” file.