Discuss the qualities of a critical thinker.

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As we wrap up our time together, let’s spend the final week reflecting on key ideas you’ve learned this term. What were your major moments of discovery about literature? About writing about literature? To workplace writing? To personal writing?

(we learnt about Achebe’s novel “Things Fall Apart”) and it was a Literature class.

500 words 

Development of an Ethical, Strategic, and Global Advanced Critical Thinker

After viewing the material in the required readings this week, develop an initial posting of one or two paragraphs that analyzes one topic related to moral reasoning and ethics. Examples of topics  include your portfolio paper topic, a current issue covered in the media, an ongoing political issue or debate, or even a personal example.

  1. Then discuss the qualities of a critical thinker, as those apply to the required readings for this module. Incorporate any terms or concepts covered throughout the course. (NOTE: Use this discussion as a place to work out the defining of terms and concepts that you might use in your portfolio paper.)
  2. Next, take time to reflect on the reasoning and critical thinking concepts learned in this course. Describe any areas that are still challenging for you. Provide examples that demonstrate how your critical thinking skills have improved. Because critical thinking improves with practice, how are you planning to continually improve your skills?