Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?

You can follow this link below to help you create the outline. There are three samples on this website. You can use any of them as a guideline: Please choose one and apply it to the research outline. ( remember it is not an essay) Also, I’m a female nurse and I am with vaccinations. However, some people believe that it can cause autism. Would like to make sure to state that in the outline.

my topic sentence is this. It might help you get an idea for the outline. Only issue is that it must be written in third person point of view and not second.

TOPIC SENTENCE: As you transition your life to becoming a parent there are important decisions parents have to make to protect their child’s well-being. One of the more controversial topics when your child is born is the decision of a newborn being vaccinated. As a parent, you need too fully comprehend the pros and cons of vaccinations. Vaccinations too some parents are a must in order to protect their newborn from potential infectious diseases. As to other parents, it’s a challenging decision due to the risks that can occur when being vaccinated.