e-Marketing Plan-Launching and upgrading e-marketing sites for a commercial, nonprofit, or government organization require an effective plan.

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E-Marketing Plan
Launching and upgrading e-marketing sites for a commercial, nonprofit, or government organization require an effective plan. This is your opportunity to practice that professional skill.
Use the 7 section layout on page 478, in chapter 19, of the course text as your format guide.
1. Know Yourself and Know Your Market
2. Know Yourself and Know Your Market
3. Set Marketing Objectives
4. Generate Strategies and Tactics for Achieving Objectives
5. Evaluate Strategies
6. Implement
7. Track, Analyze, and Optimize

The emarketing plan should represent both “the science and art” of marketing by presenting measurable facts and numerical projections throughout your whole plan as well as being creative and engaging.
E-marketing plans, due to complexity and length, will be graded within 1-2 weeks after the due date for on-time submissions.
Your plan should be at least ten (10) pages long and not more than twelve (12) pages long, which does not include your title page, table of contents, executive summary, bibliography, or endnotes. Conform to acceptable the APA for college-level writing.
Your plan must:
• be typed, double spaced, and in 12-point Times New Roman font, with margins no wider than one inch
• Post your full name on the first page as part of a title page
• Contain an Executive Summary section at the beginning of your plan covering key points to takeaway from plan details and be no more than 1 page. This includes your business, marketing and emarketing key points from each section of your plan with logical numerics and brief supporting text.
• list the Executive Summary and each specific section of the 7 step emarketing plan found in your course text on page 478 of Chapter 19 as part of a table of contents plus as a headline within the body of your paper
• have APA References with correct in-text citations
• have a References page of at least six (6) references from 2015 to present
• include, for each entry in the references, the author, title, city and state of publication, the publisher’s name, year of publication, and page numbers used as required by APA.
• be prepared with word-processing software (Microsoft Word preferred) and name your file name as follows (MRKT457PlanYourLastNameYourFirstName)
• follow the grading rubric