Emergency Management skills

my class is emergency management. the assignment to choose something in emergency management skills then write about it 2 pages only. find me 4 peer reviewed references it has to be short articles each articles no more than 15 pages but remember peer reviewed. i will upload instruction page. also i will upload one page and please read number 1 on this page to help you to understand what i need from you. second thing i need from you i will pay more to get copy of the articles so provide me copy of 4 articles that you are going to use, and please highlight on each articles information that you used for my paper so i need from you 4 highlight it articles. Ok, so this is the type of thing you are working to answer. i suggest to find management skills that are broad enough to cover a broad spectrum of disasters. By this, I mean – instead of finding good tactics for managing a snowstorm – find something that would help no matter what level you were managing and no matter what type of disaster it is. please make sure to do APA right format.