Enterprise systems development strategies

The purpose of the project is to give you experience in the different systems development concepts, and implementation approaches having to work on the analysis and
The project must necessary as a whole or partially be linked to Enterprise Systems (ES) development and implementation. Therefore, students should demonstrate their well understanding of the selected topics and how it is related to ES development, architecture and implementation with the use of a particular software and/or case tools. This must include an example from the real world and the industry relevant to their topics.
The assignment length should not exceed 3000 words and should not be under any cases less than 2000 word, excluding references list, figures, tables and appendices.
The recommended structure of the assignment is as follows:
1. Introduction; must include the aims of your project, purposes, scope, industry, and main issues covered in the project, (approximately 150 words)
2. Literature review: Getting some literature support relevant to your topic from journal articles and books and other relevant sources (700 words approximately).
3. Application and development tools: students must use one of the development tools discussed in the textbook and online software. This part must help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge about some main parts in the course such as system architecture, development strategies, TCO tools and others where relevant (800 words)
4. Analysis and discussion and the case or the company that is covered in your project (400 words approximately). In addition to your opinion and critical reflections.
5. Real case from the industry: the project must be linked to the industry where applicable (200)
6. Conclusions and recommendations6 (200)