Evaluate an existing intervention or prevention program (read paper details below)

Writer should be someone who is familiar in Psychology/Life Span Development and an experienced writer.
For the paper, evaluate an existing intervention or prevention program.
• Using materials from notes and scholarly and peer-reviewed sources, writer will discuss which aspects of the intervention or program are supported by research and suggest changes based on individual differences.
o You can from existing interventions for counseling (DBT, CBT, trauma-informed programs, etc.), school-based programs (e.g., Head Start, STEP, Tribes) or community-based programs (e.g., nurse visitation programs, domestic violence programs, substance or drug abuse programs).
• The paper should be a minimum of 7 pages, excluding the cover page and reference list.
• The full rubric for this assignment is attached. FOLLOW
• The paper will be in APA format.
• Paper outline and partial draft: Submit an outline that covers the main points of the paper, including a full list of references.
o Develop the content in enough areas of your outline to reach 3-4 pages, double spaced.
o The outline and draft need not be APA format, but it must be posted in a Word doc by December 6th.

Please ensure that overview/draft is sent No Later than December 6th for a review