Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Please edit the file attached to make a more cohesive sounding and finalized product. The file was submitted for editing and the editor attached notes in highlighted, however just another look-over would be very much appreciated.

Additionally, the instructions are as follows:Write a 750-1000 word research paper on a literary topic related to the novel read for this class. Use at least SIX (6) scholarly sources (one of which is the novel itself).

You may choose to address standard fiction elements such as characterization, symbolism, allegory, irony, realism, setting, and so on. You may address more than one literary device in the paper, but only discuss those literary devices necessary to explain why your thesis statement about the literature is true. (You may NOT write about narrative structure, since that was the topic addressed in the novel essay.)

Your audience is people who have read the same texts, so do not report biographical, historical, or textual facts. Your thesis must be a debatable opinion (interpretation) you have about the novel. History papers, author biographies, and book reports are not acceptable for this assignment. Do not summarize! In other words, your essay must show a clear literary analysis (and not summary or report) of the novel.


750-1000 words
Seven (7) total sources cited in the text and on the works cited page
Use MLA style formatting and citations. (See Lesson 3 for guidance on using MLA style.)
Name the file NameResearch. (For example, if I wrote the assignment, it would be named GastResesarch.)
Send the completed assignment to me through the link provided for the assignment. (The due date is on the Syllabus.)
Grading Criteria

This assignment is worth 200 points and is evaluated using the following guidelines:

1. Basic Requirements (30 Points)

Does the paper reach the minimum word count (750 words) and not go over the maximum word count (1000 words)?
Is the essay formatted in MLA style?
Does the essay cite sources in MLA style?
2. Content Development (70 Points)

Does the essay accomplish the purpose of the assignment?
Is the main idea clear and demonstrative of literary analysis?
Is there enough evidence to support the main ideas of each paragraph?
Are the main ideas of each paragraph logically supported by the examples and evidence in each paragraph?
3. Organization (40 Points)

Are the main ideas of each paragraph in a logical order to support the main idea of the essay?
Are transitions used within and between paragraphs to move the reader logically to the next point?
4. Language and Mechanics (40 points)

Are there no problems with sentence structure, such as run-on sentences, comma splices, or fragments?
Are there no proofreading errors?
5. Overall (20 Points)

Was the essay effective or interesting?
Was the main idea effectively communicated?