Fake Diplomas

A). Go to the website www.diplomamakers.com. Click under the “About Us” tab and read about them, and what service they provide.
B). Go to the “testimonials” tab & watch the video
C). Go to the “order” tab and go through the process of ordering a college diploma from Tarleton State University (MBA), complete with transcripts. DO NOT complete the order, just go through the steps to see how easy it is to order.
Print out the total cost to complete the order & use it in your research paper.

Answer the following questions in your research paper:
A). Is the website www.diplomamakers.com legal or illegal?
B). After reading the services they provide, what is the ethical problem presented here? There are several “oxymorons” that are present in their statement about who they are and what they do. What are they?
C). After watching the testimonials, is the ethical problem one of the services they provide, or the demand present from our society?
D). As a Human Resource Professional, how would you prevent potential future employees from using this service to gain an unfair advantage over another candidate?
E). How would you feel if you were competing for a job opening against someone who used this service, and was chosen for the job, instead of you?

Please use APA format for this paper. Pay close attention to proper paragraph structure, sentence structure, syntax, and spelling and pronunciation.