Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) in Analysis of Polymers

Below is the proposed outline for my term paper. Please feel free to add any section you think is necessary for the report.
Term Paper Title: Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) in Analysis of Polymers
1. Introduction + History
2. Overview of Molecular Weight Characterization methods
3. Theoretical background
4. Instrumentation
a. Thermal Field-flow Fractionation
b. Flow Field Flow Fractionation
c. Centrifugal Field Flow Fractionation
d. Electrical Field Flow Fractionation
e. Detectors
5. Experimental Procedures
6. FFF Applications to polymer analysis + provide examples
7. Advantages and disadvantages of FFF.
8. Conclusion.
Please provide figures in the report, such as pictures for thermal FFF, Flow FFF, I don’t want the report to be only text. I am targeting to have a high score in this report so please do your best (I trust you).