Flappers, Jazz Babies and Other Women in F. Scott Fitzgerald´s fiction – The Beautiful and Damned

This will be one chapter of my Master Thesis. This chapter will focus on female characters in Fitzgerald´s beautiful and damned. Their Complexity, Flapperdom, Influences from Fitzgerald´s personal life, How Zelda Fitzgeralds influenced female characters in the beautiful and damned.

This chapter should very briefly explain plot, background of the story but the main body of the text needs to be about Female Characters, Reflection of Jazz Age.
This is abstract of the whole of my thesis
This thesis deals with Female Characters in selected novels and short stories by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The main aim of the thesis is to study and explore to what extent the changes that took place in American society at the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald´s career influenced the portrayal of women throughout his work. The first half of the thesis is focused mainly on a description of the cultural and literary background of the so-called Jazz age era and F. S. Fitzgerald´s career. Another aim is to focus on the undergoing emancipation of women in the first half of the twentieth century. Last part describes female characters in various F. Scott Fitzgerald´s fiction and explores how the image of women changed with the times.