Focus Groups and Interviews and Narrative Data Analysis

Analyze conducted interviews from at least three members of management or focus groups with at least five members of management. Analyze the data and summarize data in 5 to 7 page paper. You may use the questions provided on the Management
Interview Guide or you may create your own interview questions of
equal depth and breadth on a topic of interest to a business
manager. For the paper, please follow the guidelines provided in the
Management Interview Guide. Use
APA style when citing sources intext and include a Reference List in
APA style

O‟hEocha, C, Conboy, K and Wang, X. “Using Focus Groups in Studies of ISD Team Behaviour” The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods Volume 8 Issue 2 2010 (pp.119-131), available online at
Interview Guide Samples Using AI
Management Interview Guide
University of Wisconsin Extension (2003). Qualitative Data Analysis. Retrieve from:

The Pell Institute and Pathways to College Network: Evaluation Guide, Analyze Data