Functional Emotional Developmental/DIRFloortime Model

Functional Emotional Developmental/DIRFloortime Model, Social-Emotional Development, and Infant Mental Health.
This paper is to have 56 total sources, with 12 references minimum per single-spaced page. Please do not use the same reading twice on a single-spaced page. You may use the videos more than once on a page but not more than twice. This paper is analytical with a thorough and correct description of the concepts being used, incorporating them onto the FED Capacities 1-9 as stated on the Grading Rubic. Discuss how the various theories or aspects of emotional development discussed by the video presenters, and readings can be conceptualized within an overall Functional Emotional Developmental/DIRFloortime Model. Expand on each of the 9 stages/capacities integrating the various thinkers and concepts covered in the videos and readings. You will need 55 total references. I have provided 12 video, 23 books and articles, but you will need to come up with the remainder 15 Scholarly Journals, 10 which need to be written between 2008-2018. Please do not use Wikipedia, Blogs. Scholarly Journals only. You may use the website ICDL.Com once in the paper. I understand that you may not have the opportunity to watch all videos but if you can watch enough to reference all of the videos in the paper. The videos are also to be in APA format on the reference page.

Don’t forget to title the sections in the Body of the paper.

Many of the uploaded readings are chapters from books, books that listed many times.

You are to use 12 references per single-spaced page. You may use videos up to two times on one single-spaced page.