Fundamental Rights, Segregation, Gentrification, Law, Educational Pedagogy, Social Networking, OR Privacy

For your final out-of-class research based essay, you will have to write an EIGHT TO TEN PAGE research based paper on one of the following topics that we have covered this semester: FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS, SEGREGATION, GENTRIFICATION, LAW, EDUCATIONAL PEDAGOGY, SOCIAL NETWORKING, OR PRIVACY.

The driving question of the course will be your focus: TO WHAT EXTENT DOES JUSTICE EXIST IN OUR SOCIETY?

Remember that you must create an ORIGINAL ARGUMENT concerning the topic. You should not write an outdated or trite argument. Instead, you should research, find out interesting, thought-provoking information, and use it to develop your own original thesis. YOU SHOULD NOT WRITE A PAPER THAT IS A SUMMARY OF THE RESEARCH YOU HAVE DONE! You must use AT LEAST SIX OUTSIDE SOURCES in the body of your essay. Also, you must use ONE NON-FICTION BOOK as an outside source and ONE SCHOLARLY, PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE.

In your discussion, when you quote, paraphrase, or summarize any outside information that is not common knowledge, you must use MLA format. Follow these guidelines to build your arguments:

• Make certain that your thesis states the topic and asserts something specific and significant about it. UNDERLINE THE THESIS, WHICH SHOULD BE THE LAST SENTENCE IN YOUR INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH.
• Your topic sentences should point backward in that they prove part of the thesis, and they should also point forward in that they are a predictor of what will be discussed in particular paragraphs.
• Check for coherence in your paper. Link your ideas together by using transitions and/or inserting phrases or subordinate clauses when appropriate.
• Your conclusion should drive home the main idea of the essay and summarize key concepts that you want your reader to take away from your essay.