Global Wars & Change in the 20th Century

Answer questions A and B in appx 150 words each.
You cannot use any sources such as wikipedia,, sparknotes etc.
A valid bibliography should be included at the end of your post.
Please provide examples in every paragraph to support your answer.
Avoid block quotes.
Make sure that you edit your work for grammar.

1. Based on your knowledge, what lessons do you think the world should learn from The Great Depression

Your opinion must be supported by evidence. You should use dates, specific names of people and places, and discuss the relevant facts to back up your assessment.

Your answer must specify what these lessons are (or if lessons could not be learned at all) and which groups, persons, or nations these lessons should be applied to. Remember you must provide specific examples and analyses with evidence to support your answer.

Select 3 appropriate countries from the list provided to answer the questions below:
Countries (Select 3)
United States Russia China
Germany Italy Vietnam
Korea France Britain
Guatemala Cuba Japan
Spain Algeria South Africa

1. A. How did a country you selected above become communist?

B. Discuss the rise of Fascism in your second selected country.

C. Describe the Cold War in your third country option.