Globalization, National Differences in Political Economy ,Political Economic Development


1)Prepare one page on your chosen emerging economy Which Is India from each of the perspectives taken in your course textbook chapters which are Topics are :- 1) Globalization 2) National Differences in Political Economy 3) Political Economic Development.
2)1 page each on above 3 topics. The country referring to the article will be India and comparing it to USA.
3) Links of the article should be provided.
4) Power Point slide for reference will be uploaded.


any research sources are acceptable, as the goal is your own expanding awareness of the global business landscape. However, you must present the information in your own words and write your own analysis of the country situation on each topic. ‘Cut and pasted’ internet text or any other form of copying will be consider plagiarism. The goal is for you to make this learning your own and develop your ability to create quality country reports utilizable by firms in their internationalization decision-making processes.