Hawthorn’s response to Emerson’s ideas/themes

The project for this class is an exploration (no less than six pages not counting WC page) of at least one writer’s (Poe and/ or Hawthorne’s) response(s) to (or reworking of) Emerson’s ideas/ themes (found primarily in “Nature” and “Self Reliance”). The paper should also say something beyond points already raised in our class sessions. A Works Cited page is required as are references to at least four critical sources. Please consult with instructor about your subject and approach. Research Project – 20% of grade

This is a formal project – you are expected to use correct quotation, citation and “Works Cited” MLA format. In addition, you are not to use the personal pronouns I, me, my, mine, us, our, you, or you all, slang words or phrases or colloquialisms. For further words and phrases to avoid, see the Stylistic Notes for All Writing.