How the pricing strategy of the Low Cost Airline affected the Airline industry in Europe and the future of the low-cost fares

My dissertation needs to be restructured and amend it before resubmitting. The dissertation should be 15000 words + – 10% (I have around 12000). Some parts as conclusions needs to be amended and other probably need to be removed or changed. I have the tutors’ feedback and my research as well.

The dissertation is about Low Cost Airlines.

1. The aim of the research is comparative analysis of the pricing strategies of the fare pricing of the full service airlines and budget carriers, and to understand if there are similarities.

The objectives

1) to analyse the pricing structure (types of fares) and ancillary revenue. Compare.

2) to compare the prices (pricing levels) on a specific route and and analyse the difference

3) investigate the reasons behind the results found in the first two objectives. Support with examples.