Human Resources – The impact of Employee Motivation on Organisational Performance


Its ok if you see that is better to change the number of interviews in 22 : 11 management 11 employe …..
Thanks for your draft , but the draft that you had send to me I cant give to my mentor becouse its look thats someone is helping me. Please can you give me a new draft that I can give to my Mentor, it has to look that I have done by myself and please remember that i live in Kosovo and all the work it has to be done like you are here. It is important to mention Kosovo becouse the company it is in Kosovo. You should mention the name of company Kosmonte Foods and please can you write something about the company.

DRAFT FEEDBACK 25 Sept 2018 1-47 PM:

It should have more direct quotes from interviews afterwards. Presentation of the data should be even wider, this is like quantitative research, and I need quality research.
Please can you change the name of Organizational X in to the name of the company ” Kosmonte Foods” . and also please make sure when you write it should be writing that I have done this research and I am writing this thesis.